teknihall German headquarters & Belgium Branch

The construction area is 50000 square meters

teknihall founded in 1992 and part of the Pangoo Group, headquartered in Dietzenbach, teknihall has more than 300 employees and 50,000 square meters of warehouses in Germany and Belgium, specializing in products maintenance, renovation, logistics, warehousing, and European all-native language call center services for electrical and electronic appliances, home leisure, outdoor travel, sports equipment, and other relative products. At present, it is the top three after-sales service providers in Europe and is also a designated business partner with the well-known German stores such as ALDI, LIDL, Mediamarkt, Saturn etc. In 2009, Pangoo Group wholly acquired teknihall which has 30 years of core after-sales service experience to build an overseas localization service system that provides all-round protection for overseas enterprises, enhances the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and enables millions of Chinese brands going abroad.

In order to help Chinese enterprises solve the most difficult 'return, refurbish, repair' and other after-sales problems, based on the 30 years of after-sales service experience of teknihall, Pangoo built its after-sales service platform (rrr.teknihall.cn) which provides a sound European after-sales service solutions with simple communication for Chinese brands.