Cross border empowerment service platform

Sales platform

Integrate the mainstream platforms of the whole network, such as Amazon Global Store, eBay, Wal Mart, Wayfair, Meikeduo, AliExpress, Xiapi, Lazada, TEMU, Tiktok, etc., to provide enterprises with a full channel of products to the sea.

Logistics dedicated line

We gather cross-border logistics service providers such as sea freight, railway, air freight, and card shipping on the market to provide professional logistics services for enterprises worldwide, including full container bulk cargo sea freight, air freight packages, China Europe Railway Special Line, China Russia China Vietnam Cross border Card Shipping, and China Europe China US FBA Special Line.

Overseas warehouse allocation

Self built warehouses in Europe, Germany, Belgium, and more than 20 overseas warehouses in countries such as the United Kingdom, the East, West, South, Russia, and Japan. With a construction area of over 400000 square meters, it can provide enterprises with nearly 1 million square meters of short, medium, and long-term storage and terminal delivery of goods.

Operational tools

We provide professional tools such as product selection tools, ERP software, product testing, advertising optimization, customs clearance prevention and co sales, network acceleration, and image and video shooting and production to address the high-frequency issues in the daily operations of cross-border sellers, greatly improving the work efficiency and output of operators.

Compliance Services

Gathering professional service providers for overseas industrial and commercial agents in the industry, providing compliance services such as company registration, trademark registration, VAT registration application, qualification certification, patent and copyright application, IOSS registration application, EPR registration, etc., to clear technical barriers for sellers' products on their way to the sea.

Cross border finance

Collaborate with leading financial institutions in the industry such as China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation, Cross border Fort, PayPal, Payoneer, Airwallex, iPaylinks, Stripe, etc. to provide platform collection, independent station collection, small foreign trade collection, financing loans, and insurance services for cross-border sellers, making the operation of funds more stable.


Connect with mainstream overseas search engines and social media platforms, provide enterprises with Google promotion, Facebook promotion, TikTok promotion, social media marketing, email marketing, brand building, KOL marketing/internet celebrity marketing, localized operation, and obtain accurate traffic and accelerate transaction conversion through multiple channels.

Acting Appeal

In the face of fatal pain points such as overseas platform account closures, product and fund freezes, communicate with overseas legal affairs to assist sellers in unblocking their stores, coordinate settlements, and provide legal assistance if necessary.