Departure - If Life Were Just Like First Sight

This is a story that starts with the creation of heaven and earth.

When the Pangoo LCD TV was brought to the passionate Oceania in 2006, the world opened the first door for the Pangoo people. That's different from what we imagined, communication becomes lively due to the intervention of objects. From the sale of Pangoo TV in 30 Clive Peeters stores in three states in Australia, door-to-door installation, after-sales maintenance, and emergency troubleshooting... Like all those who work hard for the brand, the Pangoo Australia team has gone through tough times and cold benches, but has also received smiles and praise. Facing every real family, let the Pangoo team have a deeper understanding of the changes that products bring to life. Sharing, the world between family, friends, and passersby, unleashed by the small square body of television, unleashes the power of shared cheers and smiles, making Pangoo people firmly adhere to facing the end user group and adding color to people's lives with 3C consumer electronics products.

By the end of 2009, Pangoo had enabled families in 40 cities across five major Australian states to witness the peace and happiness of this passionate land. This 200 year old new continent is accepting a brand that has emerged from an ancient legend. It is introverted and inclusive, carrying the red ideals and every new light in the blood of a nation. It constantly innovates and learns, insists and changes, and strives to serve different families with every product conveniently. It carries its own unique imprint and moves forward with the world.

When Pangoo received his first affirmation, this legend had already begun.

Long, long ago, a sleeping giant woke up in chaos. He separated heaven and earth and transformed into the sun, moon, stars, and all living beings.

A long, long time later, a nation of five thousand years shared the light of every harvest in the new world, and Pangoo, as one of her innovative forces, set sail at the beginning of the new century.


On January 29, 2010, at the 'Shining Pango Night' cocktail party, Chinese and foreign employees from all over the world gathered in China to raise a glass to the Pangoo Global Conference for the 2009-2010 year and celebrate the establishment of the UK branch. At this point, Pangoo has established branches in Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, and the United Kingdom, radiating into the consumer markets in Europe and Oceania.

Creating the Beauty of 'New'

Innovation is the incentive for a team to continue moving forward, with its brilliance and sweetness accompanied by difficulties and pitfalls. It is precisely in this way that innovation attracts every team that courageously advances to constantly challenge themselves. Pangoo has chosen a path different from other brands since the beginning. The struggle experience in foreign soil has allowed Pangoo people to have a broader understanding of the world, and challenges are everywhere. Innovation has become a joyful passion, inspiring every Pangoo person to grow.

Sydney——Eco your view

Environmental protection creates a new life. Pangoo insists that every TV product strictly passes the Australian energy consumption star certification standard and strictly controls the high star rating results.

Frankfurt - The Gospel of Technology

In order to support Pangoo's development in Europe, 'brand rise, technology first, and service first', in 2009 Pangoo acquired Teknihall, the most prestigious electrical after-sales service provider in Europe. Together with the prestigious Damstadt University located near Frankfurt, Pangoo established a global design and service center in Munister. With Pangoo's own research and development team, Pangoo successfully independently developed Internet TV, Game TV, and 3D TV, and achieved mass production. At the beginning of 2010, Pangoo Global Design and Service Center historically proposed the concept of a split type smart TV, which focused TV functions on a convenient and compact main box for the first time, achieving a new concept of personalized customization of TV DIY. It is expected to be launched in the Chinese market by the end of 2010, supporting online sales in China.

Austria - Beauty of Design

This country, like its famous MOZARTKUGELN chocolate, exudes a rich and fragrant exquisite beauty, from taste buds to architecture to music, with delicacy and romance permeating every corner of the country. Schaub Lorenz also possesses this temperament, a classic Austrian television brand that has occupied more than 100 years of sales history in the European continent, conquering the sensory world of people on the continent with its noble and elegant temperament. In 2009, the Pangoo design team successfully collaborated with Schaub Lorenz, perfectly inheriting the elegant design texture of Schaub Lorenz and the dynamic beauty from this music country. Drawing inspiration from the tranquility of ancient European towers and the symmetrical aesthetics of China, a Twin spire base was designed, paired with a 22mm slim body, to create the high-end Pangoo TV series.

Minsk Town - Service Star

When Teknihall joined the Pangoo team, it was one of the top after-sales service companies in Germany. With its comprehensive logistics delivery, customer service, and after-sales repair team, and its rigorous German style work attitude, it won the respect of the Pangoo team. It is providing solid after-sales support for Pangoo with rich experience. With the joint efforts of Pangoo's global team and the new ERP system, we have developed more convenient transportation and voice customer service services to support Pangoo's online business. Standardized after-sales service is also forming Pangoo's own characteristics based on different consumption habits in different countries and regions, establishing a complete CRM customer system and committed to developing personalized services for users.

Innovation, for the world, always belongs to the next step, while for Pangoo, innovation is about changing with one's past, not being flashy or flashy, and completing every transformation with a down-to-earth approach. Therefore, innovation is the footstep of the present, or every step is attached to the dust of history. Once the dust settles, it completes the watchkeeping that Pangoo people remember.

A brand is a long-term commitment from a group of people

Mr. Dennis Chen, founder and global CEO of Pangoo, wrote this sentence on the plane flying back to Beijing on National Day in 2009: 'A brand is a long-term commitment from a group of people. This day commemorates Pangoo's global sales breakthrough of over 100 million US dollars, from a new brand to the recognition of hundreds of thousands of families, all witnessing the courage and perseverance of every Pangoo team.

The captains of the Pangoo team mostly have experiences of living or studying abroad. They love their homeland, have rich knowledge, and an optimistic attitude towards life. Therefore, this group quality is passed down to Pangoo's blood, which is young, calm, inclusive, and agile. The creators of Pangoo are neither businessmen nor artists. They are more like independent handicraftsmen in the bustling market, diligently managing their careers and also pursuing their youthful ideals. They take diligence as the key, innovation as the norm, and make progress every day, striving to establish China's own global brand.

A world-class brand is a path full of thorns, and we can only succeed with the courage to overcome difficulties and the perseverance to endure hardships.

—— Dennis Chen

From Thuringen, Germany to Shenzhen, China

From the first outsourced factory in Europe, Logatec, to the establishment of Pangoo's own Pangou factory in Shenzhen, China, Pangoo has a sufficiently large-scale manufacturing capacity, including one self built factory (Shenzhen), two industrial park bases (Qinzhou, Guangxi, Huizhou, Guangdong), and three strategic and cooperative partners (Shenzhen, Shenyang, Germany), which is sufficient to support the annual production of 4 million LCD TVs. On the basis of solid manufacturing capabilities, Pangoo also sincerely cooperates with partners in the LCD TV industry chain, working together to make the ideal of a world brand made in China possible.


Pangoo's return to China requires great courage. Chinese home appliance independent brands have repeatedly failed in overseas development, but will Pangoo, the first Chinese independent brand to achieve success overseas, also be unable to adapt to the local market?

This is like a child who leaves home as a teenager, growing up and then returning to their hometown. In front of them, there may be a lively welcome or a silent forgetting. Pangoo was born in China, and at that time, Pangoo people carried the passion of standing at the age of 30 and worked hard; Six years later, they returned bravely with their unwavering perseverance of 40.

In Europe, where the e-commerce environment is relatively mature, it is natural for Pangoo to start online sales with the strong support of Teknihall's first-class after-sales and logistics services in Germany. For China, things are much more complex than in Europe, but due to the promising e-commerce field in China, it is also due to a kind of emotion, an indescribable almost missing emotion. This is a unique Chinese love story among Chinese people in the 1960s and 1970s. The brand is like its own child, hoping that it will shine and serve its hometown.

So a new marketing model emerged - M2C (Manufacturer to Customer). After experiencing the mature development of e-commerce B2C and C2C stages, more profits were given to end users, bypassing agents and platform retailers, and manufacturers directly faced end consumers, establishing a sales equation of high-quality and discounted prices, allowing users to enjoy more brand exclusive rights.

As a result, the internet became the best platform, and after six years of overseas development, Pangoo finally wanted to be honest with its 1.3 billion citizens.

Just because they chose to meet in this way, Pangoo people went through a different classroom, repeatedly checking the effectiveness of each user experience on the website, discussing every detail that affects users during installation, and even the personalized design of the outer box and warranty card All in order to bring more convenient life into more families in China.

Not every detail is enough to touch the world, but Pangoo people hope to enrich every detail with the touch of the world. When both the Chinese and the world accept the joy shared by Pangoo for life, that is our red ideal.

Glory and Dream

― Can we do Pangoo ?

― Yes,we can.

― Can Pangoo do ?

― Pangoo can do.

There are always moments when tears come down our faces

When the cornflower is in full bloom in the foothills of the Alps, it cannot help but think of the large white pear blossoms standing quietly by the hometown road, clustered together, elegant and pure. Any kind of excitement, when we are just spectators, always has a palpitating force that pulls our hearts towards the nearest place from home. And the excitement in the bottom of my heart is always in the deepest part of my faith, like a sense of pride in my country, without any glory.

The Chinese nation is introverted and reserved. Before the 1980s, when the Yellow River civilization did not embrace the world's blue civilization with tolerance, China slowed down the pace of the world; So in Europe and America, when Japan and South Korea emerged, our nation became a victim of the environment and cheap labor. Change, change one's own state and the world's perception of Made in China. There is a group of people who, at the age of 40, still cherish their dreams and love their homeland. At the age when they finally have the ability to make efforts for the country, they persist in serving the glory of the 5000 year culture and literacy of the Chinese nation, proving to the world the exquisite inheritance of the Chinese nation through facts.

At the IFA exhibition in Germany in September 2008, the booths of 53 Chinese brands were removed due to some Chinese companies not paying part of the European patent fees on time. In the world of the jungle, the right of the first to speak is always amplified. So the unfair treatment of being directly removed from the booth during the exhibition was opposed by all Chinese companies. Pangoo led numerous Chinese exhibitors to march and speak at the IFA exhibition, engaged in difficult negotiations with the organizers, and ultimately regained the organizers' apology and the dignity of the Chinese people who had fallen behind for 200 years.

This is just an example of the unfair treatment of 'Made in China' experienced by the Pangoo people firsthand, and there are still many such examples in the international trade market. Perhaps China is still flooded with a large amount of cheap labor, and perhaps its products have not yet gained recognition from the world, but the Chinese people are working hard, and this effort and vision will be passed on to generations of Chinese people, ultimately making China stronger.

Change is not the ideal of a few people, it is a process of transformation from an individual to a group, perhaps through the persistence of several generations. Pangoo is a brand created in China, with a better understanding of its own country and ethnicity, and a clearer understanding of the long road ahead for Chinese brands. Therefore, Pangoo is willing to integrate its understanding of the world with excellent Chinese quality, and use real products to change the world and China's view of Chinese brands; Adhering to the concept of innovation and high-quality products has influenced millions of households around the world, allowing the world to re understand the changing Made in China. The unique wisdom and tolerance of the Chinese nation will be shared with the world through the inheritance of Pangoo.

There are moments that bring tears to our faces because our common ideals are being realized.

I have a dream

Pangoo has an ideal to create a world-class Chinese brand.

Chinese brands have an ideal to become first-class world brands.

In front of us, most of the world's brands are irresistibly made in China.

So I thought, China is not far from its ideals.

Pangoo is a brand new, and we hope that it will always maintain sustained passion and fresh creativity like a new brand, with the resilient spirit of the red nation, moving towards the highest point of our ideals.

If the most beautiful moment in life is a first encounter, I hope that in your changed home after a few years, there will still be an unchanging corner that preserves the emotions that Pangoo initially brought to you.

This is a story that starts with the creation of heaven and earth.

This is a performance from all over the world, and we have been preparing for five thousand years. With the efforts of the Pangoo people, we look forward to your coronation for the next stop.

The Song of Pangoo


给生命一个主题,蛮荒宇宙混沌开启,为生命诞生你撕开了天和地,空明的地球孕育六十亿生命不息, 直立行走使用工具才有了文明的创世纪!宙斯神庙佛陀菩提,凝聚成破釜沉舟的决绝勇气,开启了辉煌的文明五十个世纪,人类简史浓缩在了喜马拉雅和阿尔卑斯!






—— Collective Creation by Pangoo People