Xinlonghang Financial Support Platform

信隆行金融支持平台 enterprise :Credit products can be applied online, and the progress of loans can be viewed in real time - convenient and efficient

信隆行金融支持平台 enterprise :Government subsidy online application

信隆行金融支持平台 Bank :Preliminary check the qualifications of enterprises requiring loans on-line, and notify enterprises to handle business door-to-door

信隆行金融支持平台 Government :On-line approval, at the same time, it can grasp all the nodes and feedback in the process of enterprise loan.

信隆行金融支持平台 Government :Visualization of data statistics; Custom Export Report forms; Provide effective basis for product creation and policy formulation of enterprise services

信隆行金融支持平台 Bank :Enterprise financial data is more transparent; Loan Feedback Synchronizes Government