Overseas after-sales service platform

Overseas after-sales service platform——Your European after-sales service steward.

The European After-Sales Service Platform is a professional after-sales service platform under the Pangoo Group. Its service processing center is located in Europe, providing domestic customers with sorting, quality inspection, and repair services for products within Europe. This allows customers to resolve issues with products abroad without leaving their homes, achieving worry-free after-sales service even without stepping outside!

Return sorting      Refurbish     Repair


A professional team with 30 years of after-sales service experience in Germany.Implementing standard operational procedures to achieve transparency throughout the entire process.Building an information system that closely connects with overseas teams.


Cross-border e-commerce seller:Products returned and in-transit on the Amazon platform need to be processed.

Brand merchants:Domestic brand merchants lack after-sales service teams for their products sold overseas.

OEM:Domestic OEMs need to deal with defective goods that exceed the scope of the contract.