Window of China

Shared Brand Flagship Store

Purpose:WOC, together with GRAVIS, a well-known German chain store, and Apple's designated partner, jointly prepared to set up exclusive retail stores for Chinese brands, further establishing the professional image of Chinese brands and spreading word of mouth through joint effects. Create a smart lifestyle of smart home, smart office, and smart travel through intelligent product clusters, break the solid impression of Made in China, and create a positive impression of Brand from China, thus laying an important foundation for Chinese brands to go overseas.

Goal:Set up 40 WOC STOREs on main streets or shopping malls in major German cities. 

Model:WOC STORE is jointly established and operated by Window of China and GRAVIS, responsible for the whole series of store establishment, store operation, marketing, after-sales service, etc. The brand only needs to provide products and a monthly promotion fee of 3,000-5,000 euros to obtain professional shared brand flagship store.