Laiwu Pangu E-commerce Industrial Park

The Laiwu Pangu E-commerce Industrial Park project is located at the intersection of Luzhongdong Street and Dagushan Road in Laiwu High tech Zone, Jinan City (No. 111 Luzhongdong Street), with a very advantageous geographical location. The project covers an area of 25 acres, with a total construction area of approximately 65000 square meters, including an aboveground construction area of approximately 44000 square meters (4 floors of the podium and 20 floors of the main building) and an underground construction area of 21000 square meters. The podium is a commercial part, while the main building is an office part. The single story area of the podium commercial area is approximately 5200 square meters, and the single story area of the main building office area is approximately 1021 square meters. The underground two floors are the parking lot area, with a single floor area of approximately 10300 square meters and a parking capacity of approximately 400 vehicles. There are approximately 100 parking spaces above ground.

The Laiwu Pangu E-commerce Industrial Park project plans to construct six major functional centers (including e-commerce headquarters center, entrepreneurship incubation center, training center, experiential shopping center, logistics distribution center, e-commerce live streaming center), as well as 3+1 main stores (Pangu 24-hour experiential consumption, Pangu cross-border e-commerce agglomeration area, urban reception hall+Pangu Xinlonghang technology and financial platform), adopting a 1+10 operation model, Utilizing PANGOO's unified park management service platform, we provide comprehensive and customized incubation services for e-commerce enterprises, striving to build Shandong's leading e-commerce ecological base and innovation and entrepreneurship base.

The project started construction in July 2018, and the main construction of the project has been completed. The installation of fire protection, water and electricity, elevators, and curtain walls has been basically completed, and the fine decoration project is currently underway. It is planned to officially put into operation in August 2021.

The first floor of the project podium is planned as an O2O cross-border offline product experience center, cross-border duty-free shop, agricultural product online shopping center, and logistics office. The second floor is planned as an e-commerce lifestyle supermarket and a brand catering project with an area of approximately 2000 square meters. The third floor is planned as a training and education store, and the fourth floor is planned as a cinema and light catering. The 1-3 floors of the main building of the project are equipped with supporting facilities such as banks, 24-hour coffee shops, business services, and fitness; The fourth floor is the training center, urban reception hall, party building conference room, and roadshow hall; The 5th floor is the entrepreneurship incubation center and maker space; 6-15 is a cross-border e-commerce cluster area (headquarters center); The 16th to 20th floors are the 24H Geek Art Hotel.