Linyi Pangoo Tiandi

Linyi Pangoo Tiandi Internet plus E-commerce Industrial Park was built by Pangoo Group Co., Ltd. with an investment of 360 million yuan. It is a major investment project in 2013, a key project construction project in 2014, and a modern service industry base recognized by the municipal government. The project was approved in March 2013 and construction began in September of the same year. Linyi Pangou Park Operation Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pangoo Group, fully responsible for the investment and operation of the park.

Linyi Pangoo World Internet plus E-commerce Industrial Park is located in the south of Jinhua Road, Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone, north to Hefei Road, and east to the central axis of the zone. The completed park covers an area of 26210.62 square meters, including 7329.63 square meters of public space office area, including 2695.98 square meters of public service area. There are 97 employees, including 24 management personnel and 73 service personnel. The service personnel include 21 external service personnel from introduced institutions, 36 excellent entrepreneurial mentors hired, 16 entrepreneurial enterprise mentors, 4 individuals with entrepreneurial training instructor qualifications, 2 technology incubator training instructors, and 10 individuals with various technical titles. At present, the park mainly gathers high-end enterprises in modern service industries such as network technology, software research and development, e-commerce, and service outsourcing. Its main functions include training, conferences, and office work, providing a high-quality office and incubation environment for headquarters economy and small and micro enterprises. It provides great hardware convenience for entrepreneurial teams, creators, and visitors. The park has attracted multiple strategic cooperation institutions to provide professional services for entrepreneurial enterprises entering the park, with 21 so far. As of now, we have provided services to over 100 start-up small and micro enterprises/teams, with a total of over 2600 employees.


Main Honors

With strong support from government departments at all levels, we have won many honors, including: Alibaba's first batch of park strategic alliance units, national entrepreneurship and innovation public service platform, national level maker space, Shandong Province brand maker space, deputy director unit of Shandong Province Smart Park and Industrial Internet Promotion Center, Linyi Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, Linyi Service Outsourcing Demonstration Base, and vice president unit of Linyi E-commerce Association There are many honors, including the council member unit of Linyi Zhongde Innovation Center, the 'One Enterprise, One Technology' innovation enterprise in Linyi City, the teaching internship base of Linyi University, the incubation base of Linyi Entrepreneurial University, the employment training internship base of Shandong Jiaotong Technician College, the honorary chairman unit of Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone Human Resources Association, and the council member unit of the Innovation Alliance for District Science and Technology Enterprise Incubators.