Wuhan Xinzhou Pangoo Cross border E-commerce Cluster Area

The Wuhan Pangoo Cross border E-commerce Agglomeration Zone is located in the comprehensive service building of Yangluo Port Park in Wuhan Xingang Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It is a key investment attraction project in Xinzhou District, Wuhan. The project plans to include Pangoo Cross border E-commerce Experience Center, Cross border E-commerce Selection Center, O2O Cross border E-commerce Duty Free Store, Cross border E-commerce Service Industry Chain Center, Teknihall Aftersales Service Center, E-commerce Headquarters Office Base, and other business formats, Intended to build Wuhan into a gathering area for cross-border e-commerce in central China.

At present, there is a 10000 square meter centralized office area in the Wuhan Xinzhou Pangoo Cross border E-commerce Cluster, which will be used to improve the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. In addition, Pangoo Group's overseas after-sales service, overseas warehouse, Window of China, European butler and other services will provide customized incubation services for small and medium-sized enterprises, help empower small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises in the incubation park, and accelerate their growth. Build a national level industrial demonstration base with international influence and industry credibility.