Shenzhen Pangoo Cross-border E-commerce Cluster

In order to respond the call of the central government to build Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, on June 17, 2017, Bao'an District government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Merchants Shekou. They will carry out all-round strategic cooperation in Baoan District, including park development and operation, industrial investment, cooperative investment and other fields. Fuyong eCool emerged as the times require. As a demonstration park of government enterprise cooperation, urban upgrading and industrial upgrading in Bao'an District in 2018, it focuses on the introduction of strategic emerging industries in Bao'an District and aims to build Bao'an into an 'Airport New Town, bay area engine'. The project has been highly valued by Bao'an District government and Merchants Shekou. In May 2018, Pangoo group entered into cooperation with China Merchants Shekou to install cross-border e-commerce industry into Fuyong eCool as the pillar and core of the industry, empower manufacturing enterprises through Pangoo group's 'five in one' cross-border e-commerce service system, focus on introducing manufacturing enterprises, cross-border e-commerce platforms and related service providers, create cross-border E-commerce industry ecology, and help manufacturing enterprises sail to the sea, It is planned to build a 50 billion level cross-border e-commerce industry cluster and strive to create a new highland of cross-border e-commerce industry in Shenzhen and even in China.


Guangming Pangoo Cross-border E-commerce Cluster

Investment project is located in shenzhen area light wisdom city, is located in the bright new phoenix high core area, adjacent to the MTR station, convenient transport facilities, with a total area of 9923 square, which are characterized by cross-border electricity business incubation, based on light, light electricity industry resource integration service makes the traditional cross-border business incubation center, entrepreneurial enterprises to accelerate the platform, the electric enterprises operating base. It mainly introduces entrepreneurs in emerging industries, Internet smes and third-party strategic enterprise service providers to build an Internet acceleration platform and cultivate new production capacity.


Pinghu Pangoo Cross-border E-commerce Cluster

The project is located in E Times, Pinghu Heng Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, with a total area of 11,408 square meters.


Nanling Pangoo Cross-border E-commerce Cluster

The project is located at 1983 Creative Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, with a total area of 6425 square meters.